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New Model Remote Controller Fangling F1521 for CNC Plasma Cutter and Flame Cutter

New Model Remote Controller Fangling F1521 for CNC Plasma Cutter and Flame Cutter

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Fangling F1521 wireless remote control
(Can be used for Fangling F2000 series CNC cutting system)

F1521 remote control features

1. 433MHz free ISM band license-free trial;

2. Remote control distance> 30m, at least not less than 0.5m;

3. Hardware error detection, software optimization algorithm, two-way communication to ensure stable and reliable communication;

4. The sending and receiving modules are matched according to the address, the address can be set manually, and the maximum support is 128 addresses;

5. The wireless remote control sending module is powered by dry batteries and can be used for at least 6 months;

6. The receiving module adopts 8421 port mode or separate IO mode, with a maximum of 16 output ports.

Wireless remote control function:
1 19-key multi-function control panel (ignition, preheating, cutting oxygen, plasma arcing, etc. can be controlled separately);
2 pattern lifting and speed addition and subtraction control;
3 multiple indicators;
4 The receiving module has 8 receiving end access ports and coding control;
5 can manually adjust the rate;
6 The shell is wrapped in high-density plastic, suitable for operation, excellent in quality and beautiful in appearance;
7 Fully sealed design, suitable for long-term use in various complex industrial occasions;
8 The remote control receiver can be installed and used without any modifications to the original equipment.
Performance characteristics:
1 Remote control distance can reach 100M effective range, and obstacles can reach 50M effective range;
2 The working power supply is two 7-cell batteries, and the battery life can be up to 3 months.
3 Hardware detection error code, software optimization algorithm, two-way communication, to ensure stable and reliable communication.


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