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HYD XPTHC-4 Automatic Plasma Arc Voltage Torch Height Controller

HYD XPTHC-4 Automatic Plasma Arc Voltage Torch Height Controller

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Automatic plasma arc voltage height controller, THC,XPTHC-4

Model: XPTHC-4


Made in china.

Support Mach 3

Low cost CNC Plasma cutting machine used Torch height controller (THC).

It can automaticly adjust the height between the sheet metal to the plasma torch.

Morely used in the portable cnc plasma cutting machine, Mini sheet metal plasma cutter


HYD XPTHC-4 height controller is designed for portable flame, plasma cutting machine

development and design of the torch height automatic control device. Automatic height

adjustment device combines the capacitor detection, arc voltage detection, stepper motor

height control, high precision screw linear guide mechanical transmission of various parts,

the use of micro-single-chip computer control, in the automatic calibration function with

the direct display torch height.
HYD XPTHC-4 automatic height adjustment device has a very good hardware reliability.

Shell selected sealed anti-interference waterproof and moisture-proof aluminum box

design, especially for flame cutting, plasma cutting high temperature, high electromagnetic

interference harsh environment. Simple interface control, suitable for all flame cutting,

plasma cutting CNC system can also be used alone.

HYD XPTHC-4 height controller is easy to use, easy debugging, low price, adhering to

the characteristics of Staud products has always been "imported performance, domestic

prices."Welding and cutting equipment manufacturers is the ideal matching products.


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