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2-Axis CNC Controller F2100B + THC F1621+ Lifter For Plasma Cutting

2-Axis CNC Controller F2100B + THC F1621+ Lifter For Plasma Cutting

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2-Axis CNC Controller F2100B + Plasma THC F1621+ Lifter For CNC Plasma Cutting KIT for CNC plasma cutting machine

Package Included:
- 1 x Set of CNC Controller + THC + Lifter( Stroke 100mm)


F2100B 2-Axis CNC Controller:
System Description:
- F2100B CNC system is in the company to absorb the advantages of many domestic and international CNC system, combined with the company F2100, F2200 and F2300, F3100, F5100 series CNC system, developed a more humane, more convenient, more cost-effective products. The product uses two axis digital position control mode, suitable for oxygen gas and plasma cutting processing industry. For two axis NC machine in all with position control method.
- The control system is light and portable, simple operation, easy to use, all the operation has a menu or graphical clues, operate a fool. Humanization design all the key switch, comfortable and convenient.
- By the special motor control chip DSP core control system, DSP control the motor so that the cutting process is more stable and reliable. DSP motion control algorithm for the optimization and upgrade in the original F2200, to make the machine run more smoothly and reliably, prolong the life of electrical and mechanical parts.

System Features:
- Chinese / English menu system, Chinese English French interface of one key switching.
- 45 kinds of commonly used graphics library (including the grid graphics), can choose the set piece size and pore size.
- Supports for EIA code (G code) and FastCAM, FreeNest, IBE, Wentai, PM2000 and other kinds of nesting software
- Compact keyboard type design, make more comprehensive manual input file
- Graphic proportion, rotation, mirror
- Graphics can be arranged in a matrix arrangement, interaction, stacked arrangement
- Workpiece with slotted size of original size and at the same time display, intuitive and convenient
- Graphic plate correction, arbitrary edges of plate can be used as a correction boundary
- Can customize the types of all input and output ports (normally closed or open) and number
- Self diagnostic system for all IO and key state, convenient examination and troubleshooting
- The pre U disk interface for convenient program transmission
- Using U disk upgrade system, which is convenient and simple, practical, lifetime free upgrades
- All functions can be upgraded online as a whole.
- Can import and export single or all processing files

Backup or Restore Parameters:
- Supporting oxygen gas, plasma, dusting and demonstrates modes
- All kinds of machining parameters are complete, which can meet different process requirements
- Oxygen gas and plasma IO separate control
- Oxygen gas automatic height adjustment, two stage preheating, three level perforation
- Plasma arc voltage feedback, position feedback, automatic closing high pressure arc angle
- Control supports the speed and distance of two shut down arc voltage mode l plasma arc pressure, make the machine more balanced, safe
- Supports edge-cutting, the preheating time can be reduced for thick steel board
- Acceleration, deceleration of speed during the motion.
- According to the thickness of the steel plate, speed will be automatically controlled in the corner, effectively preventing over-burning.
- Manually select the start line or wear a hole.
- Dynamic / static processing graphics, graphics zoom in / out, dynamic tracking cutting point under magnification
- DSP high speed, high precision interpolation control, high-speed operation, smooth running, low noise
- Set the start speed, acceleration and deceleration time with content
- Power off protection, breakpoint memory protection
- "offset cutting" function can avoid calculation errors, saving the materials.
- Management authority and the corresponding password can be set to maintain management rights
- Remote control of before and after, left, right and cutting movement, as well as start and stop function.
- Can be used for advertising plasma cutting machine,
- Walking frame function,
- Choice of the starting point.

Technical Indicators:
- Axis: 2 (can be customized for three axis)
- Control precision: ± 0.001mm
- Coordinate range: 99999.99mm
- The maximum pulse frequency: 200KHz; maximum speed: 15 m / min.
- Maximum program line number: 150000
- Largest single program: 6M
- Time resolution: 10ms
- Power supply: DC +24V DC power input
- System working environment: temperature -10℃ to +60℃; relative humidity 0-95% no condensation

System Interface:
- 15 core male two motor drive interface
- 25 core female head 16 photoelectric isolation output, the maximum reverse current 300mA
- 25 core male 16 isolated inputs, the maximum input current 300mA
- Front panel built-in USB interface, convenient user transmission cutting code
- Extension of IO input and output; PWM input port of the analog input port;

Hardware Configuration:
- Display: 7-inch high resolution 800*480 16000000 color high brightness LCD screen
- Memory: 2 64MSDRAM
- User space program: 256M
- 200MHZ system clock frequency
- USB: USB1.1 interface front
- Keyboard: electronic PCB film keyboard
- Case: whole steel structure completely shielded, can really achieve anti electromagnetic radiation, anti-static, anti-interference

F1621 Plasma THC:
F1621 THC is a product with simple operation, stable performance, complete functions and cost-effective performance based on the use of plasma power on-site and absorbing the advantages of many domestic and foreign torch height controllers.

It uses the basic constant current characteristics of plasma power supply, detects the change of plasma cutting torch height by detecting the change of plasma arc voltage, and controls the height between cutting torch and workpiece in real time. It is suitable for the height control of plasma power cutting torch with constant current characteristics or constant current characteristics within a certain voltage range. It is especially suitable for the height control of cutting torch of portable, desktop and gantry cutting machines.

The device is light and portable, simple to operate, easy to use. Its buttons and knobs are humanized design, which is comfortable and convenient.

- Adopting high-brightness digital tube and LED lamp as arc voltage and signal indication, clear display, stable anti-interference and long service life.
- Use keys and digital knobs to adjust and operate parameters, easy to use.
- Its panel adopts a 60-degree inclined plane installation method, which is suitable for portable CNC cutting machine operation.
- Built-in voltage divider and shielded by metal at all angles, the overall volume is smaller and the anti-interference ability is better.
- Built-in simple parameter setting, you can flexibly change the operating parameters to adapt to various complex working conditions.
- It can adapt to external working conditions by changing the parameters, without any adjustment to the internal hardware of the device.
- The effective level of input signal can be set. The input signal is valid when the default is low level. It can be changed to be valid when there is high level.
- The input and output are all isolated by optocoupler, which effectively protects it from overvoltage and interference electromagnetic pulse damage.
- Arc starting relay and the arc starting success relay use power relays for Omron, which work reliably.
- During various work processes, the real-time level of input signal can be viewed.
- Different work processes are locked to each other to ensure no misoperation.
- When the height controller has a perforation delay, the dynamic perforation function can be used during arc starting.
- In the cutting process, real-time monitoring of whether the arc is actually started, if the arc is broken in the middle, the height controller will promptly notify CNC system and turn off the arc relay to avoid long-time arc starting in the air when the arc is broken.
- In the process of automatic height adjustment, ensure that the actual arc voltage always closely follows the set arc voltage, and there is basically no static difference.
- During automatic height adjustment process, arc voltage setting value can still be changed, so that cutting torch height can be fine-tuned in real time during the cutting process.
- In the process of automatic height adjustment, collision signal can be fed back to the CNC system to avoid the collision and the CNC system still moves forward.
- In the process of automatic height adjustment, the arc voltage intelligent adjustment function can be used.
- After the cutting is completed, the height controller automatically lifts the cutting torch, and the lift height can be set arbitrarily.

Technical Parameters:
- Working voltage: rated DC 24V (power supply range 20V-30V)
- Lifting motor: DC24V DC motor
- Drive mode: PWM (pulse width modulation mode) continuous speed regulation
- Output current: 0A-2A (the maximum output current of the motor port is 2A)
- Output power: 50W max.
- Working temperature: 0℃~50℃
- Initial positioning: proximity switch initial positioning, protective cap contact initial positioning
- Partial pressure ratio: 100:1/50:1
- Arc voltage sampling accuracy: 0.1V
- Arc voltage adjustment accuracy: 1V
- Cutting torch lifting speed: depends on the highest speed of the lifting mechanism
- Arc voltage setting range: 30V~600V, which can be changed in real time via the panel knob
- Maximum cutting tracking speed: depending on the highest speed of the lifting mechanism
- Overload protection: automatic overload, overheating, undervoltage protection, power supply reverse connection protection.

Plasma Torch Holder Lifter:
The lifting device of cutting machine equipment is of top quality in the industry. The lifting body uses a decelerating DC motor to drive the cutting torch up and down. Among them, the key parts that affect the cutting accuracy of the whole machine support the positioning function of CNC plasma cutting machine.

The internal lifting drive of the elevator adopts 304 stainless steel T-shaped screw, and the optical axis and linear slider are used at both ends to ensure smooth and reliable verticality in the up and down direction. It is used for ascending and descending transmission mechanism during plasma cutting. Made of aluminum with fine treatment, it features very high accuracy. The positioning switch and limit switch are made in Taiwan and have passed 3C certification and CE certification.

Definition of Aviation Plug:
- Pin 1: MOT + (motor)
- Pin 2: MOT- (Motor)
- Pin 3: Zero (SIGNAL) (positioning normally open signal output)
- Pin 4: COM (positioning normally open signal output)

Attention: The built-in limit is designed with reverse diode. No more troublesome wiring again and again.

- 304 stainless steel T screw
- With fixture (cutting torch range 12mm-38mm)
- CNC flame and plasma anti-collision function (optional)
- Plasma arc positioning function inside the lifting body
- The thickness of the main body aluminum plate and the upper and lower aluminum plates is 8mm.
- Four-core aviation plug
- Color: Black sprayed shell
- Working Stroke: 100mm
- Working Voltage: DC24V
- Weight: about 1.7 kg
- Load Capacity: 3 kg
- Size: 320 x 80 x 60mm (LxWxH)
- Installation Hole Spacing: 40mm


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