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Starfire SF-2300S Plasma CNC Controller

Starfire SF-2300S Plasma CNC Controller

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High stability SF-2300S plasma Beijing starfire sf cnc controller

Model: SF-2300S
Made in china.
Low cost CNC Plasma cutting machine used CNC controller.

System Functions

SF-2300 is applicable for kinds of flame/plasma cutting machine CNC system, high pressure water jet and laser cutting machine, widely used in metal processing, advertisement, stone material industry, etc.
The system is designed with high reliability, with plasma interference, lightning protection and surge capacity.
Practical flame/plasma cutting process, plasma processing, automatic corner speed control, and control the block. Can use wireless remote control or wired control box to realize remote operation. Slotting compensation function and test procedure of compensation is reasonable, the report accordingly, for the user to choose from.
Breakpoints recovery, can automatic power to restore function, also can be breakpoint memory automatically.
Function of any passage and punch point processing, can be arbitrary line escapement in machining.
Suitable for thick plate extension perforation function, and is suitable for the bypass function sheet.
Back, passage and breakpoints in recovery, to choose the function such as perforation position, greatly convenient user manipulation.
Can transfer cutting at any time, choose the starting point of processing. This can be automatically generated broken bridge. Small segment of the special processing functions, walking is fluent, can be
widely used in metal and advertisements, wrought iron, etc.
Including 24 kinds of graphics component library (customizable), contains the common basic processing parts.
With STARCAM nesting software is fully compatible with, and at the same time compatible IBE (Germany), FASTCAM in major nesting software.
In both Chinese and English operation interface, dynamic graphical display, 1 ~ 8 times of graphics zoom, fixed point automatic tracking, the U disk read program and software upgrades in a timely manner.


1.The cutting machine CNC system is suitable for all kinds of portable flame/plasma cutting machine, and various advertising,
stone and other small desktop cutting machine.
2. The system is designed with high reliability, with plasma interference, lightning protection and surge capacity.
3. Practical flame/plasma cutting process.
4. The available wireless remote control to realize the long distance operation.
5.Breakpoints recovery, electrical recovery function of the automatic, automatic breakpoint memory.
6. Any choosing passage and perforation point processing function, it can be arbitrary line escapement in machining.


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