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StarCAM Nest Software For CNC Cutting Machine

StarCAM Nest Software For CNC Cutting Machine

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StarCAM nest software used for the Plasma cnc cutting machine and oxygen cnc plasma cutting machine

New Package:


STARCAM drawing kit software is composed of drawing module (StarCAM), nesting module (StarNEST) and numerical control code simulation module (StarPLOT) three modules, each module can run independently, but also call each other. Support a variety of CNC cutting control machine NC programming. among them:

Graphic drawing, editing, zooming, copying, array, rotation and so on of drawing parts; support for editing and exporting CAD graphics files (eg, CAM, DXF, DWG, IGES) for other formats, Library management; and CAD graphics can be optimized. The machining code for the cutting path and NC machining can be generated for the part.

The nesting module can be used to carry out bulk parts nesting on multi-part parts on rectangular plate or sheet material. It supports short-term continuous cutting, common edge and bridging technology to reduce the number of perforations, improve sheet utilization, high speed and high efficiency. Nesting, matrix nesting, interactive nesting and surplus material nesting, and can quickly generate a variety of CNC cutting equipment required for the NC code.

The simulation module can simulate the NC code generated by the above two modules and can be run in single step, step by step, and NC code editing in the simulation process can be verified to verify the correctness and rationality of the NC code and improve the production efficiency. , And can estimate the processing costs.

New features of STARCAM drawing nesting software
automatic position capture function: with the traditional drawing software, join the control point capture function (midpoint, endpoint, quadrant, intersection, physical point, etc.), improve the operability of the software. Increased drawing speed and interactivity.
Window ruler display function: the addition of the window ruler function can be intuitive to reflect the size of the parts, the size of the size of the plate, the scale can be dynamic changes with the parts zoom, the user can visually see the parts size and coordinate position.

To increase the entity selected when the special display: to improve user recognition. And increase the contour line zoom direction instructions, user-friendly choice.

Increased tool path compensation after the sharp angle transition processing: to prevent the part of the graphics in the tool path compensation after the contour line break, distortion and other issues.

Support for the import of other graphic file formats: Import / export operations and editing operations for graphic format files such as AUTOCAD and FASTCAM.

intelligent trimming function: can quickly complete the graphics line, arc pruning, delete operation, the method is simple and practical.

increase the user library management functions, the user can be commonly used parts classification added to the user graphics library for future use of nesting.

Automatic path setting function: This function can quickly generate the machining path of the parts and introduce the lead wire, and can dynamically modify the position of the lead wire to reduce the parts interference to improve the utilization of the sheet. Support the compensation line display function, so that users can see the size of the amount of compensation.

CAD Clear and CAD Compression: The CAD Clear function is used to erase redundant lines and duplicate entities in CAD drawings. CAD compression function can be a large number of small files in the graphics file to reduce the number of entities to improve the cutting efficiency.

In the nesting module, the short-circuit cutting function is added. When the lead-out leads are close to each other, the lead wire of the previous part is cut directly to the lead wire of the next part without re-piercing, reducing the number of punches The

In the nesting module, the total length of the nesting function is increased. For a large number of parts with straight contours, the nesting material is nested directly according to the width of the cutting, and the cutting is only cut once, which greatly reduces the number of perforations and the cutting length.

The nesting function is added to the nesting module, and the contours of the multiple parts are connected into a contour by using the bridge connection, which reduces the number of perforations and can effectively prolong the life of the cutting moments.

Increase the production of more than expected sheet material and more than expected material function, the processing of materials can be automatically generated more than expected sheet material for the user in the future cutting insert more than expected sheet material.
Added control file modification tool, the user can edit the NC code according to the code format of the control system used



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