• F6000 pipe CNC controller for 4 Aixs or 6 Aixs round pipe or suqare tube

F6000 pipe CNC controller for 4 Aixs or 6 Aixs round pipe or suqare tube

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  • IPC CNC control, powerful, scalability.
  • Hardware board interpolation, stable and reliable, simple wiring.
  • Support manual box operation, improve production efficiency.
  • Support flame / plasma / demo three operating modes, easy to switch.
  • You can use the file to set the speed, or use the system to set the speed.
  • File speed settings support line speed, speed of synthesis.
  • Automatically import pipe diameter, safe and reliable.
  • Display processing graphics maximum size, intuitive and convenient.
  • Graphics can zoom in and out.
  • You can use the limit for zero switch, simple and convenient.
  • Processing start positioning is simple, no need to consider the balance axis.
  • Machining can be forward and backward, offset back.
  • Parameter backup and parameter restore.
  • Optional hole to start cutting, convenient and quick.

  • Parameters
    • Number of control axes: 5 (6) Axis 4 linkage
    • Control accuracy: up to +0.001 mm
    • Maximum operating speed: 15000mm / min
    • System working environment: temperature 0 ℃ to +60 ℃; relative humidity 0 - 95% non-condensing


    Hardware Configuration
    • CPU: Intel dual-core 2.2G, IPC-1200A
    • Monitor: 15 "high-brightness LCD
    • Memory: DDR2-1G memory, SATA-250G hard drive
    • External Interface: USB, standard Ethernet interface
    • Motion Control Card: GTS-400 high-performance DSP continuous track motion card
    • Chassis: Completely shielded steel structure, anti-electromagnetic radiation, anti-interference, anti-static

    • Some customer cut video for reference:
    • Youtube: https://youtu.be/I7dsmmR5CNc

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